Indraneil Paul CS Grad | Foodie | Powerlifter

About Me

A Hockey Legend once said that you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take. This blog is me taking a few shots at documenting the stuff that piques my interest as part of my research work or otherwise.

I am an applied scientist at Amazon India having previously been a computer science dual-degree student at LTRC, IIIT Hyderabad working under the advisement of Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru. My research interests include the intersection of machine learning and large scale graph processing applied to social network data to which end I have also collaborated with Dr. Manish Gupta from Microsoft.

I also possess an interest in game theory and mechanism design. I have previously, in conjunction with my research, also worked on matching algorithms on dynamic graphs with location constraints with various contemporary applications such as ride hailing services, resource exchanges and so forth under the guidance of Prof. Sujit Gujar.

Previously, I have worked with electric vehicle startup Green Navigation as part of the Google Summer of Code program wherein I worked towards predicting energy consumption from past telemetry data, given the chosen path and terrain information so as to alleviate the common problem of range anxiety in users of electric vehicles. Additionally, I also have an interest in computer vision and image processing having previously obtained my B.Tech with Honors working at CVIT.

My free time is either devoted to following a laundry list of sports including Football, Rugby and Ice Hockey or at the weight room. I have been a Real Madrid supporter since 2007 (Yeah, I know, poor timing just as Barcelona’s greatest generation were coming through) and also regularly play football.